Inflatable Water Slides

Inflatable water slideInflatable water slides have been a recent addition to summer fun in many backyards.

It used to be kids were satisfied with a slip and slide or an inflatable kiddie pool.  With the advent of the bonzai water slide, this has changed.

Unfortunately some of these backyard grade slides wear out fast and don’t provide a big bang for your buck.

The only other option besides breaking out the slip and slide, is to rent or buy a commercial grade inflatable water slide.  Rent an inflatable water slide for a holiday party or any other occasion and your kids will have the time of their lives!

If you have the means, you could buy a unit for your backyard and provide many seasons of water sliding fun for your kids.  Check out the units displayed on the sidebar if you are considering buying a water slide.  Don’t go cheap and opt for a $300-$500 unit, you won’t be satisfied.

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