Inflatable mattress Air Beds

Inflatable Mattress Air Beds have come a long way from the original blow up mattress you may remember camping as a scout.  Today’s air beds are just as comfortable as the one in your bedroom and some are even better!

Air bed technology makes them lightweight, durable and plush.  You can pack away one of these air beds and not break a sweat!  They are made of materials such as heavy vinyl and fabrics that wear well over time.

Air mattresses used to be something you had to blow up using your mouth or a small hand pump.  Talk about getting dizzy blowing it up!  You don’t have to worry about that now.  Most units have a built in air pump that runs a a set of D cell batteries.  Turn the pump on and go about your business, it will be done in 20 minutes.

inflatable mattress air bed

On the higher end air beds, you will encounter beds that have coil springs.  This makes these inflatable mattresses feel almost as great as the bed in your bedroom.

The amount of money you spend on one depends on where you will use it.  For camping you can spend between $30-$60 dollars and get a durable and comfortable mattress for camping.

If you are in the market for something a bit more plush like for a quest bedroom, you will be happy about your options.  Anywhere from $60-$120 will get you a super nice air mattress.

Please check out the mattresses I have linked to below.  I have ordered them from lowest to highest price and they are also the same in comfort (lowest to highest).  Amazon will provide you all the details for comparison sake.



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