Inflatable Air Blowers

If you have an inflatable bounce house, you need to make sure your inflatable air blower is in top condition.  This blower is the key to safety for all the participants inside your inflatable.  If you have ever had the blower cut out while children were inside you know what I mean.  Chaos happens as kids rush for the exit while screaming and pushing and generally freaking out.

Your blower needs to be inspected regularly and in some states, it is a mandatory annual inspection.  When you inspect your inflatable air blower, here are a few things to check on.

  • Inspect the power cord – make sure there are no cuts or burnt spots on the cord.  Also check the plug itself and make sure the ground prong is present.  If there is any nicks in the cord or the plug is faulty, replace the whole cord.
  • If your inflatable air blower is equipped with a fuse, make sure it is clean and the contacts on either side are in good shape.  Excessive heat can discolor the fuse or the contacts and this is a sign of something else happening with your blower.
  • If you blower is serviceable, open up the case and clean it out.  you would be surprised the amount of dirt that can get up inside the air handler over time.
  • Test you deflation back flow preventer.  Make sure the back flow valve is working properly.  A little oil wouldn’t hurt it where it is hinged.

If you air blower is making weird noises, creating excessive heat or is struggling to keep your inflatable up, it is time to buy a new blower.

When buying a new inflatable air blower, you need to size it properly to the inflatable it will be used with.  Don’t risk safety by buying too small a blower.  Check the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating of the blower with the inflatable manufacturers specifications.

If you are in the market for a new air blower, please consider the fine blowers I have listed below.  Clicking the link will take you to Amazon where you can get all the specifications.

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