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The Intex Inflatable Pool

Enjoy an Intex Inflatable Pool

If you have been considering an inflatable pool for your backyard please read on as I tell you about the one I bought for my family. It seemed that all of our friends were getting pools put in one summer.  My kids were extremely jealous and asked my wife and I if we could get a pool. I grew up with a pool and remember spending many summer days and nights swimming with family and friends.  We played tons of Marco Polo, Basketball and volleyball.  Those were some fun times.

My wife and I were OK with the idea of a pool and all the responsibilities, but we didn’t have the thousands to put up a decent above ground pool.  We had driven by many yards that had the blue inflatable pools in their yards and wondered if they were any good.  I mean, they were cheaper and you usually get what you pay for.  We started doing some online research on these pools and read the reviews.  Many of the reviews were positive so we decided to give it a try.

We bought the 18 ft round by 48 inch deep intex pool as you see in the picture above.  Setting up the pool was easy enough.  We found a flat part in the yard, rolled out the tarp and pool, then inflated the top ring.  It took an overnight to fill this pool since it is over 5,000 gallons.  Once filled, we built the ladder and installed the pump.  My kids were excited to have their own pool and my wife and I even enjoyed swimming with them.

That pool lasted for 3 solid seasons and would have gone more if the inflatable top ring had not deteriorated so bad.  The top ring was not in bad shape, it just leaked air and we couldn’t figure out from where.  I think it just got porous enough to leak everywhere.  Three seasons was not bad in my opinion, I got my money’s worth of use and enjoyment.

We are now on our second pool and even upgraded to the intex saltwater system!  I highly recommend the saltwater system for any pool – I am really impressed with it.  I have not had to buy any chemicals since using the system.  It makes the pool very very low maintenance.

Bottom line:  You will spend less money and get less life from the pool, but in my opinion these pools are the answer to summertime fun if a pool is what you want.

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